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Jackrabbit Ranch in the LA Weekly

Jenn Garbee's photo of me headlines the LA Weekly blog entry about us and our cheese.

A couple of weeks ago, a cheese tasting coupled with favorable timing led to an interview by LA Weekly reporter Jenn Garbee. The final results are linked below, in three parts. She did take some artistic license with the interview, but it’s gratifying to see that she liked our cheese so much she put us on their “Squid Ink” blog.

Q & A With Jackrabbit Cheesemaker D.J. Mitchell: From L.A. To Utah And Back Again

Q & A With Jackrabbit Cheesemaker D.J. Mitchell, Part 2: Secret Stash Not Included

A Recipe From The Cheesemaker (And Farmer): Fried Squash Blossoms Stuffed With Nasturtiums And Jackrabbit Chevre

The article refers to me as “characteristically buttoned up,” but that’s only when I’m in Los Angeles playing accountant.  The rest of the time, it’s jeans and t-shirts!

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