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We Now Accept Credit Cards

“Do you take plastic?”  I can’t count how many times people people have asked us that at farmers markets and events.  Now the answer is yes – at least for telephone orders and at the Springdale and Cedar City farmers markets and other major events.  So far, we only have one imprinter, so we can take cards at one location at a time.

We’ve resisted taking plastic for several reasons.  First, they cost money and add a layer of complexity we haven’t wanted to accept.  But perhaps more importantly, we don’t like debt and don’t want to encourage our customers to use debt.  One of our mentors convinced us that (a) whether a person goes into debt is their own business, and (b) a lot of “plastic” is actually debit cards.  And we recognize that a lot of people use plastic to help them manage their expenses.  So who are we to argue?

So look for us this weekend at the Iron County Fair – we’ll be happy to accept your credit or debit card, as well as local checks.  There’s still a bonus for paying cash: for cash customers, we pay the sales tax.  But now the choice is yours.  We DO take plastic!

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