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Farmer’s Market Vendor Dies Over the Weekend

(Photo courtesy of Zion Canyon Farmers Market)

Michelle Bonner and Lisa Zumpft of the Zion Canyon Farmer's Market write:

Bradley Mienert (Desert Toad Garden) died this weekend in an accident while trimming trees in the Brookside area. Brad was a passionate gardener and arborist. The market will miss his great peppers and peas. I understand he has a good crop of garlic in the ground, perhaps with some care from friends it will make it to market later this year.

The Spectrum has this report.

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  1. Mike Ward says:

    I`m really bummed about finding this out just now..
    I knew Brad as a young guy giving it his best to make it in the tree business. The house I`m setting in right know, I purchased from Brad.

    RIP Brad…

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