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Ordinary World Now Available on Amazon

  Ordinary World is now available on Amazon!  It’s in print here, and in Kindle version here.  In brief: As the financial system crumbles around them, a family learns how to survive the challenges of an unfamiliar new world. Bill, Gracie, and their son Joe learn new ways to live as their reality changes. Bread, […]

Now Available for Kindle on Amazon!

  This Thing of Darkness is now available on Amazon.com for Kindle!  Check it out here. And if you like it, please post a review.

New Novel: Ordinary World

My new novel, Ordinary World, is now available as an e-book on Smashwords.  Please check it out!

“Donimo Theory” Makes Contest Second Round

I submitted my novel, Domino Theory, to the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest.  They accepted 10,000 entries.  Today, they announced 2,000 entrants who advanced to the second round.  Domino Theory is one of them!  Currently, it’s only available as an e-book or download through Smashwords and other e-book outlets (Barnes & Noble).  Here’s the pitch: […]

This Thing of Darkness

I’ve published my first book in print at CreateSpace.  Also available at Amazon.  And as an e-book at Smashwords. Peacemakers Sam Winslow and Richard Hendrix decide that to end a war, they need to better understand it. Their quest leads them to Sri Lanka’s no man’s land. Joined by an unlikely team consisting of a […]

Mystery Novel: Domino Theory

My latest novel, Domino Theory, was e-published yesterday on Smashwords. Domino Theory is a hard-boiled mystery that takes place in Los Angeles. For $2.99 you can download it to your computer, Nook, Kindle, or other e-reader.  Here’s the summary: Danny McCabe wakes up next to a dead man. Danny may be an addict, but he’s […]

Taking the Plunge

After years of writing with little success at getting published, I have decided to try publishing my work in ebook format.  My first, the 21,000 word short story “This Thing of Darkness,” is now available on Smashwords, a leading online publisher of ebooks. Set in Sri Lanka, “This Thing of Darkness” incorporates actual events into […]