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Cow Cuddling

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YyWnWpE0Jf8 “Inspiring people, businesses and organizations to enjoy the unique harmony between man, animals and nature.” So says a Dutch website (as translated by Google Translate) promoting “cow cuddling” or “cow hugging.”  And they’re charging 25 euros for 2 hours, or 47.50 euros for 3 hours. The premise is simple: dressed in protective coveralls, you […]

Cow or Goat: Which Milk is Better?

A lot of my customers say they like my cheese because “goat’s milk is so much better for you than cow’s milk.”  I love to hear that, because we raise goats.  But is it true? Here are some common beliefs about goat milk as compared with cow milk: It contains less fat It contains less […]