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Must See

I watched the documentary “I Am” by Tom Shadyac tonight. Shadyac is the producer of several huge comedies, including “Ace Ventura” and “Bruce Almighty.” A bicycle accident caused him to question everything he thought he knew about his life and the world. In this documentary, he approaches various thinkers, from Howard Zinn to Archbishop Desmond […]

Conservation is Conservative

(Town dock at Newagen, ME.) “As our ancestors carried out the work of the seasons they were keenly aware of the connection between humans, animals and the environment. Whether cutting hay, putting up garden preserves, stacking firewood, cutting ice, tapping trees, or sowing seeds, it wasn’t radical to be thoughtful about the environment. It was […]

…And I Rebut

Dear Commissioner Blackham: Thank you for your response to my email to Gov. Herbert regarding HB 187.  While I appreciate your time, I disagree with your position on several points. First, I have seen videos of animal mistreatment taken by workers that that have been used to expose the owners of dairies and other animal […]

HB 187: The Commissioner Responds

Dear Mr. Mitchell Thank you for the recent email regarding HB 187.  Governor Herbert is aware of the bill and asked me, the State’s Commissioner of Agriculture and Food to directly respond to you. I see that you are a small dairy operator who works with animal agriculture too.  I’ve been raising turkeys all my […]

On Criminalizing Documentation of Animal Abuse

Today I sent the following message to my Governor and State Legislators regarding HB 187, the “Agricultural Operation Interference Act”: Dear Sir, I am writing to ask you to oppose HB 187.  I run a small dairy outside Paragonah, and we are proud of how we treat our animals.  We always welcome visitors – with […]

A Humane-ifesto

“I try to avoid factory farmed dairy and eggs, if possible. I do this to boycott large commercial diary and eggs producers who really don’t treat their animals in a humane manner.   I can produce all our own dairy products here, so there is no reason for me to have to buy from, and support, […]

The Challenge of Our Beliefs

As we begin our careers as licensed cheesemakers, we’re squarely confronted by an ethical dilemma: We believe in local food. We buy it whenever possible, and we want to sell it as well. There are people in cities a thousand miles away who would love to buy our cheese. They’ll pay more per pound for […]