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Seed Catalogs: Welcome to the Monoculture

‘Tis the season for seed catalogs, and for dreaming of the coming spring garden!  Yet I can’t help but notice a similarity between the various catalogs I get.  Last week I received three, two from companies in Illinois and one from Minnesota.  A quick survey revealed: All three sell Item #B7739, Oriental Lily Mix, priced […]

Eat Local Food: Grow Sprouts

If you can’t plant a garden– or even if you can– you can still grow sprouts.  Sprouts are easy to grow, are ready to eat in 3-5 days, taste great, and are very nutritious.  Best of all, you can grow them in almost any glass jar– an old pasta sauce jar for example. Almost any […]

Eat Local Food: Plant a Garden

It’s easy to plant a garden.  All you need is a few square feet of space and some decent soil.  Even on a balcony you can use a planter box and buy soil at almost any store. It’s already August, and residents of colder climes may be thinking that the first frost is only weeks […]

Free Gardening Class

The University Extension Service is offering free gardening classes, starting Tuesday July 20. The classes will be “taught by Utah State University Master Gardeners. We will cover all the basics, starting with soil preparation and ending with food preservation.” For information, click here.

Salad Season

It’s finally salad season, with early crops mature enough to pick.  We’ve got some beautiful radishes, along with lettuce, spinach, green onion, mustard, and beet greens.  The rhubarb is also thriving, but it’s too early for other fruits to combine it with!

Is summer finally here?

With the hackberry trees in bloom and National Weather Service predicting a week of lows in the 40s (after one more night of frost), it’s tempting to declare that winter is finally over.  Maybe it is, maybe not.  We’ve seen frost as late as the second week of June. Nevertheless, it’s time to plant tomatoes.  […]

Milk as fertilizer

Here’s an article that suggests milk makes excellent fertilizer.  We use our milk to make cheese, but we do use our whey as fertilizer on our garden and forage crops.

Something New: Jerusalem Artichoke

(Wikimedia photo.) As winter finally breaks into spring, my thoughts turn to gardening. The promise of fresh food that is both tastier and better for the earth than anything we can buy in a store is tantalizing.  As soon as tax season is over, I’m ready to trade my laptop for a shovel. Our soil […]

Ranch Picture of the Day

(DJ Mitchell Photo)  Suellen & Annie This picture is our East view. Obviously taken during a warmer time of the year. DJ is already getting spring fever and has ordered some seeds for the garden.

How to grow an English herb garden

Another resource from Google Books: A Garden of Herbs: Being A Practical Handbook To The Making Of An Old English Herb Garden Together With Numerous Receipts From Contemporary Authorities. By Eleanour Sinclair Rohde (1920). This fascinating book discusses the hows and whys of creating an intricately designed herb garden of the traditional English style.  It […]