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Meeting A Pioneer

One of the highlights of our vacation was meeting with Courtney Haas in Sutton, NH.  When I was a kid, Courtney moved to town and began raising goats and making cheese.  This was back in the 1970s, when there were few artisan cheesemakers.  She struggled, she became successful, and she shared her experience with an […]

Free Lecture: Medicinal Uses of Native Plants

I received the following information from Lisa Zumpft of the Zion Canyon Farmer’s Market.  It sounds fascinating!  If I didn’t have a prior engagement, I would love to go. Utah Native Plant Society Monday, March 19th 7:00 p.m. Canyon Community Center 126 Zion Blvd., Springdale, UT Medicinal Use of Plants: Poppies to Pomegranates STEPHEN DAHL, […]

A Food Blog with a Historical Bent

Check out Eat History, a fascinating blog with an unusual twist: From cheese puffs of the 1960s to olive oil in the 1400s, Jenn Garbee explores the history of food.

Solar Resources

As we continue our development toward solar hot water heating for the new cheese facility, I’ve found a couple of very interesting resources: This page tells how to make a solar water heating panel for under $5. Yes, you read that right. It’s not of sufficient volume to heat a house, but it’s an interesting […]

Dairying in 1784

Dairying has a long and distinguished history. The passage above comes from J. Twaley, Dairying Exemplified, or The Business of Cheesemaking (London, 1784) p. 18, courtesy of Google Books.  Note the assumption that daries were run by women.  Historically, milking cows and the associated dairy production was considered “women’s work,” inappropriate for men.  Thus well into […]