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Exploring GoFoods

We’re concerned by the direction current events are going, and like many of our neighbors are striving to become more prepared.  Preparedness includes not just being ready for political or economic instability, though that appears to be a distinct possibility, but also natural disasters and financial insecurity. We have a 72 hour kit in case […]

Free Lecture: Medicinal Uses of Native Plants

I received the following information from Lisa Zumpft of the Zion Canyon Farmer’s Market.  It sounds fascinating!  If I didn’t have a prior engagement, I would love to go. Utah Native Plant Society Monday, March 19th 7:00 p.m. Canyon Community Center 126 Zion Blvd., Springdale, UT Medicinal Use of Plants: Poppies to Pomegranates STEPHEN DAHL, […]

Wood Fired Boiler from Recycled Parts

We’re far enough out of town that natural gas isn’t an option for fuel, so our home uses propane.  We had reduced our household propane use to about 200 gallons a year.  Then we started making cheese, heating the water with two propane-fueled tankless hot water heaters.  It takes about 20-30 gallons of propane to […]

Independence Day First Aid

It never fails: when something bad happens, it’s on a holiday weekend.  We’ve seen this often enough to be prepared for it.  Whether it’s a dog getting caught on barbed wire (Pioneer Day, 2007) or gashing herself on a piece of ice (Christmas 2007), or a goat with a torn ear (Colombus Day, 2009), it […]

Ranch Picture of the Day

(DJ Mitchell Photo)       On January 25th I posted about the strong winds that bent our wind turbine http://jackrabbitcheese.com/2010/01/25/ranch-picture-of-the-day-12/   Since then the wind turbine has been brought down. This picture shows the top of the wind turbine (working).  The pole is now laying on the ground and this top part is in the barn. We have decided to […]

Ranch Pictures of the Day

(DJ Mitchell Photo)                                               (Brigette Adams Photo) With one anchor wire already broken the strong winds last week bent our wind turbine. We will have to bring it down.  We can’t bring it down if it is windy.  We will need to get the guide pole that we use to lower it off the roof of the […]

Vegetarian Times available free online

Google Book Search, a database of over 10 million printed works, offers magazines for reading online.  Included is Vegetarian Times, the classic journal for vegetarians.  (When I was vegetarian, I subscribed.)  Issues available range from 1980 to 2004.  They are not downloadable, but they do offer online browsing– and you can save links to pages […]


Our new project, the Self Reliance WikiResource, now has its own domain: www.SelfRelianceWiki.com  Come visit!  Better yet, add a page.

Heating with wood

We’ve given up propane in favor of wood for heating. This three minute video follows wood from mountain to stove.

Self Reliance WikiResource

Cindy47452 photo: An Amish barnraising. We’ve started a Wiki: the Self Reliance WikiResource.  It will cover such topics as: Renewable energy Self employment Gardening Making cheese Preparedness Cooking & recipes And more… It’s not exactly an encyclopedia, because it will contain personal experience as well as facts.  So we’re calling it a resource. At present it […]