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Dairy… and Dairy

Someone emailed us a link to this video. While it points out some serious concerns we should all have with mega-farming, it lumps all milk producers together in this category. This is simply inaccurate. Here’s my clarification: It is true that the industrial production of milk can be an incredible burden on the planet. There […]

Sharif Abdullah on Societal Pain

My friend Sharif Abdullah talks about gun violence, hatred, suicide, drug use, consumption, and, yes, cosmetic surgery, as manifestations of a societal pain we don’t want to talk about. Don’t let his [somewhat shocking] opening sentence dissuade you from listening! What does this have to do with cheese? We do our best to make cheese […]

Turkey Strut (Stayin’ Alive)

Some fun in honor of Thanksgiving.

Sid Explores the Dishwasher

Goodbye, Sam

We had to say good bye to Sam today – the pain in his hindquarters was just too bad. This video, from three years ago, will always remind me of what a great dog he was.

Dancing Baby Goat

This baby goat dances while she eats.

Luna Gives Birth – The Movie

Goat Stampede

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQ6xGMSOu1E Not our goats, but very cute and funny!

Playful Goats

We filmed Clover and Fern playing when they thought no one was looking.  Goats are so much fun!


Proving once again that nothing is cuter than a baby goat!